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My favorite things about Sea of Love are that Pacino is basically like a gimmick cop. I love that Pacino’s apartment pretty much looks unchanged since the 1970s but he has a cartoon alligator (crocodile? There’s a moment where Pacino (who is pursuing Barkin down a street in a way that looks like a warm-up to his Frankie & Johnny performance) makes Barkin break and smile and then he gets shoved out of the way by an extra and runs back to her like an eager puppy. I read Pacino and Barkin got along on set and it bleeds through into their performances. I also agree that he and Barkin are pretty damn magical together, which makes up for that slightly cringeworthy scene with the starter pistol where he shoves her into a closet and then pins her to the bed.

(And PS, you see where Brad gets his sense of humor. Ellen Burstyn spoke last, revealing that before Lipton’s TV show provided a steady stream of revenue for the Studio, Paul Newman’s salad dressing sales kept it alive for years and years.I have had experiences in real life that this movie reminded me of a lot. Also, yes, the supporting cast in this movie is incredible. ” I want Detective Keller to have his own weekly television series. Speaking of which, some of Pacino’s best acting tics are on display in this movie, my favorite being the one where he’ll be talking to someone and then decide about halfway through the conversation to stare at one spot on the wall until they’re done talking, almost as if he’s already foreseen how the conversation will end and has started devoting brain power to other things.It was jarring seeing Richard Jenkins because he looks like he’s aged five years in the 28 years that have passed since this film’s release. ” (why is a homicide detective busting low level criminals, btw? Also, there are so many weird nuggets in this film. I was also into the final scene, which is goofy and out of step with the rest of the movie but in the most charming way possible. He does it six or seven times in Sea of Love, and it makes me laugh every time.The middle of the film drags a little, and I thought more focus on Pacino’s inner struggle with his conscience as a cop might have helped.The filmmakers seemed to want it both ways with Barkin’s character and ended up punting on something that could have been interesting.

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He’s in that great middle place between enigmatic and insane, grizzled enough to play a drunk and overworked detective but charming enough to play the relatable romantic lead.

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