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"Boss Stops Paying Servers, so They Stick It to Him Where It Hurts" In another era this would have been called unionization and collective bargaining.

We don’t know when yet, gotta figure it out, but soon, and ok, LOSING IT RIGHT NOW THIS IS AMAZING!!

Just when we thought we'd never get anything better than Donald Trump grasping that orb, we get this dark-humored, delightfully awkward pic that just oozes cringe.

Naturally, people were ready to flood Twitter with some entertaining captions.

People with dirty names really, uh, came together after Natalie Weiner tweeted a photo of a form that claimed her surname was actuallyoffensive language.

The Cummings, Gays, and even a Schmuck came to the thread as a show of sweet and hilarious solidarity.

Learn more about Vitiligo at Messy Beast This guy decided to tease his girlfriend by posting some "sexy cleaning photos." The results are nothing short of hilarious.

Obviously the first thing the internet did when they got a hold of the image was to touch it up a bit. The article was supposedly written by someone within the Trump Administration, calling themselves part of the "resistance." After Trump's "treason" tweet, people on Twitter began making their own amusing parodies, which you can read below!The site has been profiled in most world publications: The Times named FAIL blog their #3 comedy website, The Los Angeles Times called FAIL Blog, a "fan favorite," Time magazine noted that FAIL Blog has "helped popularize fail as both a noun and an exclamation, not to mention an easier-to-spell synonym for schadenfreude," and The New York Times called it a “runaway hit.” The site is also commonly referenced in popular culture; The Huffington Post called Netflix a “walking failblog” in reference to their July 2011 pricing change and The Atlantic called a Chris Coghlan baseball blunder "a debacle worthy of FAIL Blog." In July 2009, FAIL Blog posted a screenshot of the Guinness record webpage for "Most Individuals Killed in a Terrorist Attack" which was accompanied with a "Break this record" link.Guinness threatened legal action, and the story was picked up by Tech Crunch and CNET. However you pronounce it, you deserve to take a break from life with a little dumb entertainment.Just kidding, please don't say "may-mays" because it makes our ears bleed.

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