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If you want a camera that can record video—in other words, one that will provide you with more than just a live peek—you should expect to pay between and 0.

Customer service responded quickly, offering a replacement well after the warranty had expired.(Bill is also a self-proclaimed “paranoid infosec guy.”) He evaluated each camera for any outstanding security flaws and concluded that all of our top picks and the budget Wyze Cam passed basic security standards and protections.The corded Logitech Circle 2 captured some of the most detailed images of any camera we tested.Security cameras do raise important privacy issues, because they can allow you to spy on family, friends, and anyone else who crosses the threshold of your home, perhaps without their consent.(For a deeper look at potential privacy and legal concerns, see our post “Security Cameras, Ethics, and the Law.”) Buying a Wi-Fi camera should be a household decision in which placement, usage, and viewing is agreed upon by everyone concerned, but that may also include babysitters, housekeepers, and tradespeople, depending on local laws.

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