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I've had a girlfriend move away before and we kept it going.Too many people get obsessive in a long distance relationship because they are working so hard to keep the relationship going they forget about the rest of their life and everything around them starts to suffer and they rely more and more on the person they're with and that's why you see so many jealousy problem in a LDR. Before getting married my wife and i were in a LDR the 0 long distance phone bills were worth every penny.I never thought she would get married at least not for a while. To this day i never have and we never talk about that period of time- it was like it never happened. My boyfriend is in the airforce and h As been for sometime now and we've also been in a long distance relationship the entire time we've been dating now we have one month left to go before we move in and it couldn't come slow enough !

You also have to be really sure that you want to make it work, it is not easy, but if you want to put in the work you need to have your own life.

In May of this year, my boyfriend and I attended ring dance and had the time of our lives.

Something that is selfishly kind of nice is that I’ve got my boyfriend here with me for at least another year before he commissions into the Air Force and starts his career.

I have a feeling that he may have some senioritis coming on this year.

But hey, who wouldn’t with a scuba diving class on their schedule?

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So my advice to you, is to keep an active lifestyle, go out with your friends as much as possible and have an overall good time and don't let being in a LDR inhibit your life in any [email protected] Thanks for that advice ! My niece just got engaged to her boyfriend who has been overseas for a year. I can remember that last month apart and how much of a toll it took on both of us.

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