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Aside from this very specific bit of information, she’s not divulging anything else — so you’ll have to wait and see.Maybe this girl knew that she might as well lay all her cards on the table right away.

When it comes to telling someone you’re blind, you have a couple options.On the other hand, that truck clearly didn’t diminish her lust for life.If you’ve always been frustrated about being saddled with the awkward last name of Tickle, make your way over to Tinder and swipe right on this woman.If there ever was a straight sell on Tinder, this is it.Linda has decided the best way to go about scoring a date is to lay all her cards out on the table and make sure everyone knows she has marketable skills. She enjoys culture and travel, has a great sense of humor, and loves to laugh. Apparently, anyone who takes on this young lady needs to be ready to follow a highly complex set of rules, risking their life all the while.

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So, maybe it would be better for the two of you to hit up a restaurant.

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