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The book also pointed out the practice that Filipino high school students generally are guilty of: “high school friends tend to stick together even in college”.

This was exemplified in the book when high school friends, Athena, Grace, Kirby and Lucas went to the same university for their college education.

But when Athena had finally seen enough and had come to her senses, she shouted in Korean, “Hey stupid, don’t let them hit you, fight back!

“However, the linguistic dimension of the book is not entirely conservative.

Although the movie plot and ending is somehow different from the book itself, the reviewers agreed that the movie version used more creativity in ending the story, and is better in the reviewers’ tastes.

Content Header .feed_item_answer_user .anon_user.logged_out . Words and themes that are inappropriate for younger audiences are also included in the book.Although the characters were able to cover up the legal-age terms with less vulgar words, these terms are still implicitly conveyed to the readers, and not all of these themes are masked with less indecent words.This technique uses the power of pronouns to allow the readers to feel the different emotions felt by the main characters, and to understand the sorrow, envy, anger, depression, happiness, excitement, and pain felt by the main characters themselves.They are often praised as the heartthrobs of the school and are given very much attention by girls wherever they are.

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