Gears of war 2 stuck updating

Tai has earned the nickname "Bulletproof," and maintains a very spiritual approach to battle.They manage to clear out the hospital and are then informed that they are to take part in a counteroffensive against the Locust.Afterward, they are tasked to defend the hospital they are stationed at from a Locust attack.Along their way through the hospital, they meet up with another Gear named Tai.Perhaps the most intelligent member of Delta Squad, Baird possesses a smart-ass attitude which often frustrates his squad mates.

The enhanced Unreal III Engine allows much larger quantities of enemies onscreen, as well as advanced physics which allows environmental features to shatter and crumble when shot.

As they prepare to load themselves into the grind lifts for insertion underground, an unknown Locust General appears and wreaks havoc amongst their ranks.

Being already strapped into pods, Marcus and Dom are forced to watch helplessly as the pod begins the launch sequence and hurtles them away.

Eventually ambushed and outgunned, Marcus and Dom make contact with Private Augustus Cole, a teammate from the previous game.

They continue along to find another friend, Damon Baird, the demolitions and intelligence expert.

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