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This sudden rapid movement of 55km a year may be a warning of such a pending shift becoming imminent.We know that 120,000 years ago the North Pole was in the territory of Yukon in Canada at 63 N and 135 W; then it went to the Greenland Sea at 72 N and 10 E about 84,000 years ago, moved from 54,000 until 48,000 years ago and settle in the middle of Hudson Bay at 60 N and 83 W; it rested there for 30,000 years, then wandered once again from about 18,000 to about 12,000 years ago when it came to its present location.This could be an explanation for the extremely cold winters since 2015.A pole shift can be far more rapid than previously anticipated.A critical discussion is also made on severe magnetic storms-related aurora.It has been shown that the appropriate use of relevant VGP's, in our study, is not influenced by discernible non-dipole disturbances.

Such rapid polarity changes could severely affect satellites and human society in the future if the current geomagnetic field intensity continues to decrease.A critical evaluation of the auroral types is given, associated to the low latitude aurora.The latter, is furthermore, discussed in relation to the ancient descriptions of the aurora phenomenon.The magnetic poles on the Sun flip about every 11 years.Since nobody lives there, we really have no idea what the effects would be.

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The North Pole was previously in Hudson Bay about 54,000 until 48,000 years ago at 60 N and 83 W.

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