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Ask Mike Perry why he designs and he’ll explain it’s because he wants to mesmerize and awaken you through his constellations of line, form, shape, color, idea.

Working as a designer and artist across books, magazines, films and newspapers, Perry’s creations illuminate the pages and walls upon which they appear.

Having a self confessed soft spot for pictograms and other simple shapes and objects, he creates icons posters and logos for clients such as Ikea, as well regularly working on imaginative personal projects.Inspiration: it makes your eyes wide and your brain start ticking.Most importantly, it’s a powerful force to drive new ideas.When Sean Mc Cabe launched his series of courses on hand lettering, they grossed six figured within the first three days.For the type-curious, this exhaustive series on everything from compositional hierarchy, custom type logos, digitization, selling, licensing, and design contracts is truly one of the most unique and enriching on the web.

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