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Passwords can often be reset by answering security questions. With this easy-to-get information, attackers can often reset passwords and gain access to accounts.

Security questions are generally incredibly weak — often things like “Where were you born? Ideally, you should use security questions with answers that aren’t easily discovered or guessed.

Attackers could only use such brute-force methods if they had local access to your data — for example, let’s say you were storing an encrypted file in your Dropbox account and attackers gained access to it and downloaded the encrypted file.

They could then try to brute-force the encryption, essentially trying every single password combination until one works.

You should use different passwords everywhere — a password manager can help with this.Databases of leaked passwords along with usernames and email addresses are readily accessible online.Attackers can try these email address, username, and passwords combinations on other websites and gain access to many accounts.However, they can also arrive disguised in other software.For example, you may download a third-party tool for an online game.

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