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9Music fans who still love to listen to tunes of yesteryears that deserve a second listening would surely know the legendary artist Henry Rollins whose initial contact with fame came with his role as the lead singer of Rollins band and the Black Flag which were the flavors of the 1980s and the 90s.

The multitalented entertainer whose occupation extends to various areas like journalism, acting, singing, comedy, writing, motivational speaking, radio hosting, and a lot more has been active in the industry from 1980 till present.

Janeane Garofalo, a stand-up comedian and famous activist was his purported last love interest whom he met in 2007 and this time, the relationship lasted for 12 months before coming to an end in 2008.

Despite all the supposed romantic entanglements, the superstar has never been in any marriage and consequently, divorce has never been an issue for him.

Thus it is not mentioned in the media when they broke up in the 1980s.

Whether the musical legend has been with the opposite sex, is indeed a loner or gay is still left to be concluded but recently, he revealed how he faced sexual abuse as a seven-year-old child at the hands of his mother’s drunk boyfriend.

He simply prefers his own company and is comfortable with doing things alone, but that does not mean that the former punk legend dislikes people.

In fact, he really connects with people when and if he decides to socialize but more often than not he walks alone.

He was a mind trip asking me to define the words I spoke.

He had me question my intellect and thinking about philosophical shit.

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