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That's probably not a fair evaluation since he has stock gears with a stock fuel system (and mostly other stock parts), not matching the 2.02-valved Windsors he has on there. j/k The B cam is made for manual transmission equipped vehicles (hence its E. It runs pretty strong (like a cheetah on crack above 3000 revs), but lacks the low end grunt. We convert your files to flash flv format (you need to have adobe flash plugin installed on your computer to and generate a page that you can link to.

The F cam makes peak HP at 6000 and torque at 2800.

The idle of the E is still pretty sweet with just a little noticeable lope, but that highly depends on where you set the idle speed too.

I'll be running the E cam with my setup this summer which includes 165 AFRs, Cobra intake, a Lentech valve body in the AOD, and various other goodies. /me wipes evil grin off face ------------------ Capri306, Moderator, The Mustang Works Online 1979 Mercury Capri, 5.0L -- C4 -- 2.73 1987 Mustang LX Notch Really?

T-5,bone stock The B cam will be a have a rougher idle with it's 284 degrees of duration compared to the E-cam which has 282 degrees of duration. Even though the B has less lift, the duration makes up for it on the top end by what I've seen.

Needless to say, once it's moving there's no stopping that 'Stang!

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