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They would disappear into another world behind the closed doors, only to reemerge when the long shift would end.

While we have pictures of what all the factories looked like from the outside in historical collections and archives, we have precious few pictures of what went on after doors closed behind the last workers for the day.

The Sponge Rubber Products Company was bought out by B. The building reverted back to the rejuvenated Sponge Rubber Products Company in 1974, and was fortunately far enough away from the subsequent firebombing of the main plant of the SRPC a block south on Canal Street not to be destroyed in the explosion.bought by former employees of the Sponge Rubber Company, who formed Housatonic Everfloat, manufacturing foam rubber cushions, mats, and life preservers.

Housatonic Everfloat was bought out by a company called Spongex in 1985, which continues similar manufacturing operations in the old Silver Company building to the present day. Some are gone entirely, leaving behind weed and brick strewn lots.

The Company was noted for its large line of silver plated toilet ware and an economical line of plated hollowware sold under the popular trademark of the Victor Silver Plate Company.

In 1898, the plant merged with the International Silver Company, a consortium of Connecticut silver companies.

After awhile, Smith recalls his wanderings became a game of hide and seek from his father, and he was often aided by men in other departments in avoiding his father.

The Engraving Department was where one of the Silver Companys best engineers, Mr. Smith remembers King would cover an items surface with talc, and trace a design in it.

has a traditional hourglass shape, with symmetrical blossom and leaf decoration enclosing polished surfaces.

The company soon outgrew its quarters and constructed a larger building, which still stands on Bridge Street, Shelton, in 1877 near the Housatonic River, overlooking Derby.

A number of additions were added in subsequent years.

When his department wasnt busy, hed wander to other parts of the factory.

His father frowned upon this, saying Suppose all the workmen wandered around as you are doing- you have no right to do this- go back to the Shipping Department.

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