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But we had supportive parents,” the 35-year-old said.“There will be instances where we cannot solve the problem straight away.

Children will definitely be an issue; we will face it when it comes.“But we both believe that when two people get together and have faith and trust in each other, it will work out,” said Hazre, adding that when they cannot resolve matters on their own, “we go to our parents and figure it out”. My wife and I will soon have to decide which religion our child will be a part of, and what second language they should learn at school.

The documentary profiled three mixed-race couples who spoke about the ups and downs of their relationships, from gaining family acceptance to bringing up their mixed-heritage children. WE’VE HAD IT EASYYet in talking to some of those who wrote on our Facebook page, and re-watching the episodes, it struck me - my wife and I have had it easy, relationship wise.Railing fervently against the “hybreeds” spawned by God-defying, racially mixed marriages, Pastor Donny Reagan of Tennessee’s Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ doesn’t look very happy on a widely circulated Internet video that comes across like a relic from some 1950s archive.The pastor minces no words in his sermon: “What white woman would want her baby to be a mulatto by a colored man? preacher and faith healer who died in 1965, identified with the Pentecostal movement until the late ’50s, when he began to reject core aspects of traditional Christian faith.So mixed marriages may be becoming normalised; but many couples still face familial and societal obstacles to make it work.OTRD simon veronica Friends of ours in inter-racial relationships have had to try hard to win over their culturally traditional in-laws-to-be, who were worried about what others in their community might say or think.

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But on the flip side, friends and not a few commentators on Facebook have asked: “Why is this even a story? He is Malaysian, Malay and Muslim, and she is Singaporean, Sikh and Catholic.

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