Issues dating twin

Finding the next non-twin relationship can be hard because of the serious disappointment in the previous non-twin relationship.

For almost all twins, twin replacement takes on different struggles and conflicts.

Sad but too true, in new relationships twins can be lost and wild at the same time.

Confusion on the part of the new love object is bound to appear and be extremely disruptive to the future of a relationship.

One twin is more of a risk taker with new relationships, while his brother or sister is overly careful.

One twin is more interested in financial success while the other twin is interested in artistic self expression.

Resolutions of differences are hard to predict but they are always based on understanding how twins are different from one another.

Changing the childhood twin identity into an adult twin identity that is mature and pragmatic takes a lot of devotion and work.

One twin is richer, more successful at work, or healthier in comparison to their brother or sister.In other words, new boyfriends or girlfriends can feel totally overwhelmed by the expectations of a new twin partner.In adulthood when new relationships don’t work out for whatever reason, twins turn to each other for advice, comfort, and solace.Cementing the countless separation experiences and unique identities that have been established in baby steps and giant leaps in childhood, the teenage years and early adulthood entail the stressful and difficult ongoing developmental chore of adulthood.In order to truly separate from one another, adult twins consciously and unconsciously seek out twin replacements–people who express an inclination to be close and understanding in emotionally charged relationships.

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This form of neglect is unfortunate for twins and for those of us interested in the ups and downs of close interpersonal relationships.

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