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This college party starts off with a nice game of strip beer pong with some hot sexy college girls and their men.

These girls get stripped quick of their clothes and this party turns into an all out college style orgy.

It was a high-intensity fucking that throttled up with the rave music until he exploded his load all over her pussy.

This one was absolutely INSANE, and you can't miss it!

It was all about the party this week on Crazy College GFs.

Everyone knows when it comes to partying, college kids reign supreme.

Turned out this chick was Karlee, and she was just getting started on her BF.

So this week's video winner of the 10,000 had all the right stuff going for it!

Blaire Ivory was sitting with dirty shoes on the bed downloading stuff on her computer. After she took off her shoes he noticed her nipples perking through her green shirt. Meet Kira, she's all that stuff I just wrote and more.

Normally I talk to the girls for 5 -10 minutes or so while we drive and I get into their sexual history and turn ons etc., but Kira's interview goes on for more than double that and then some.

When you hear this girl talk about her sex adventures, it's like she's reading the 'best of' edition of Penthouse Forum and skipping to the good parts! She looks a bit like that hot actress in the Hunger Games, only with bigger tits and a bigger ass.

She's completely bisexual, she watches porn with her (sexy female) roommate and then they trade fucks with a strap-on, she's fucked her boyfriend's fathers. Anyway, we get things started with Kira telling me every little thing about her sex life on the ride over and she doesn't spare the details, which gets me going.

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