Kristen stewart is dating michael arango

which says a lot, considering they played supernatural, melodramatic characters in The Twilight Saga., which took place at director Catherine Hardwicke's home."She vowed to throw herself into work and be single this summer.But when she met Michael last week, they hit it off." It is true that both Stewart and Pitt were in Paris for that city's Fashion Week, with this same source saying sparks have flown because both "hate the spotlight and are smart bookworm types." HOWEVER, other outlets have shot down this report, alleging that Pitt is actually dating model Jamie Bochert, with whom he posed a few times in France.premiere by their co-stars Kristen Stewart, Anthony Mackie, and Jack O'Connell, as well as director Benedict Andrews.

"Kristen’s not over Rob but she’s getting there and Michael’s helping her through it," an insider tells The Sun.

There is no photographic evidence, meanwhile, that the actor even spent time with Kristen.

But their eyes may have accidentally locked during one fashion show, which is enough for some British tabloids.

Because he just couldn't forgive and forget, Pattinson was reportedly in an intense state of paranoia as their relationship headed toward the point of no return. " The insider added, "It just consumed him to such a point that they would have occasional banter back and forth where they weren't nice to each other.

He would reportedly make remarks, such as, "How do I know you are there? Her cheating basically opened other doors in their relationship of what they didn't like of each other." It's difficult to move forward after trust has been broken, so it's no surprise their relationship puttered out after Stewart was caught cheating in the act.

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