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Traditionally, the legal system of Saudi Arabia has consisted of royal decrees and the legal opinions of Islamic judges and clerics, and is not based on legal codes and written law.Secret project looks wbechat future-proof high street agent as Purplebricks gains ground.Public Agent Tattooed German Mia Pickedup beauty pov fu Recognize a pornstar in this video.Public Free webchat online hidden Tattooed German Mia Pickedup beauty pov fu Recognize a pornstar in this video.

Likewise, on 7 November 2005 Riyadh police raided what the Saudi press called a "beauty contest for gay men" at al-Qatif.

He was referred to the Bureau for Investigation and Prosecution, which referred him to the District Court.

In the 1980s, Saudi King Khaled issued numerous royal decrees designed to secure support among religious fundamentalists in the aftermath of an uprising of religious extremists in 1979, known as the Grand Mosque seizure.

Advocacy for LGBT rights is illegal within the kingdom.

In 2014, a 24-year-old Saudi Arabian man was sentenced to three years detention and 450 lashes after a Medina court found him guilty of "promoting the vice and practice of homosexuality", after he was caught using Twitter to arrange dates with other men.

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