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On the other hand, it was a drunken evening of dancing and other debauchery with a twink after which drag queen gave birth to his fun-loving half-sister.

Perhaps the fag hag’s little-known heritage explains her ever-youthful attire and biting sarcasm.

For example, your co-producer, Brynn Gelbard, was quoted in Details as saying, "There is just this really amazing bond between men and lesbians.

A recent feature in Details magazine examined the relationships between lesbians and "Lezbros," or "straight guys who like, but don’t like like, lesbians."For a lesbro, the company of Sapphic sisters offers something he just can’t find in his straight friends of either gender.

Sometimes it’s testosterone-free talk; other times, an insightful appreciation of the fairer sex; still others, a get-out-of-jail-free card.

AE: The Details article cautions that among true lezbros lurk "turners," i.e.

men who pretend to be friends with lesbians but are actually trying to get into their pants. What advice would you give to a lesbian whose lezbro is revealed to be a turner?

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