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In 2002 she was trained by Georgetown University's Oncology Chief to abstract medical records and has since contributed to Phase I through Phase IV research around the country.Mc Leod holds a Bachelor of Arts in human services from George Washington University and a Master of Science in health science from Touro University.They can create complex justifications and be blind to the suffering of others when it doesn't fit the picture they want to see.

Cook his favorite dish or invite him to a five-star restaurant. If staying home, add scented candles, pictures of flowers, sounds of waterfalls and muted earth tone colors.Some Libras are obsessed with how you make them look, and reject all but the impossible idea of perfection.They also impose this on themselves and may suffer from very high standards, always trying to achieve something that cannot be achieved in real life.If you have small children, invite him over when they are sleeping.Allow him to express his interests whether they are automotives, art, music or the latest news trends.

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