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It's also great for (practising some) underwater photography.The depth of the dive sites is 5-40 metres with a visibility 5-50 metres and water temperature 25-28C.Many people still wear traditional dress - the longyi for men, the htamein for women, both sarong-like garments.

Currents can be strong and surface conditions can be rough but allows the intermediate-advanced diver to encounter large and small animals.Though people are more open than in the past when discussing politics, some guardedness remains; don't talk politics.Money is handed over and received with the right hand, while the left hand loosely supports the right arm.And a wall on its west and south west sides will have your heart pounding from spectacular passes of whitetips, silvertips, and black-tip sharks.Western Rocky offers some of the best cavern and wall diving you can imagine.

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Myanmar liveaboard trips help to continue opening up this amazing area to the outside world and more travellers are venturing here.

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