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3) At times, I will also write about experiences that happened to other people as if they happened to us.

I will include these borrowed stories so that the reader knows not all that I blog about actually happened to us.

Therefore, there will be a disclaimer at the end of each blog stating the following: I use my “alter-blended family” to illustrate the reality of blended family life, its highs and lows, challenges and victories.

There will not always be a lot of research or theory to apply to the experiences I will share, so I will sometimes use the depicted experiences as a call to action to my relationships research friends.

A lot of relationship research has generally focused on dating relationships or long-term, first marriage(-like) relationships.

This focus is problematic for me when trying to understand what was happening after the Consultant and I married.

Unlike a date that sees no further than the end of the evening, a serious man will do his best to plan his life according to yours.

They came to me with questions because I was the “expert.” But my answers were insufficient.

As a consequence, I changed my line of research and stopped writing my blog.

For those who know me well, they know that I am constantly quoting empirical studies and psychological theories to explain why different things happen in relationships. My prior blog was fun to write, although also a bit embarrassing and scary to use my personal dating experiences as fodder.

Poking fun at myself and my experiences was at times a vulnerable experience, but it was something I was willing to do in order to illustrate how powerful and insightful it can be to use science to understand how and why events in relationships transpire the way that they do.

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Although he sometimes gives in and lets you take care of it, he will never give up paying without first fighting, as opposed to a simple date, which will not hesitate for a second to take advantage of a free meal.

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