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will be giddy with excitement after learning that some of the cast reunited for one festive event last night. An employee from the restaurant posted a series of videos on her Instagram account showing the fun bunch singing Wilmer "Happy Birthday" as the server walked out with a special cake.

New parents Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got together with Danny Masterson and a bunch of other close friends to celebrate Wilmer Valderrama's birthday at Palm Thai restaurant in Hollywood. Once the song was up, Valderrama turned to Demi and stole a smooch (so cute!

Arin made a guest appearance in the Ninja Sex Party concert at Nerd HQ.

He introduced the duo and later performed "Crasher-vania" with them.

," Valderrama posted on Instagram today with the winning pic of the cake.

"I felt so blessed to have looked around & truly know that everyone by my side has & will always have my back.

Danny is the lead singer of the band Ninja Sex Party.

," and continues the story in the next episode, "Jon's Favorite Part." He was also briefly mentioned in the Mario Party 8 episode, "It's Retro," and the Pocky & Rocky episode "Rocky Road." Danny is one of the hosts, or conductors, on Steam Train.better known as Danny Sexbang of the band Ninja Sex Party and commonly referred to as Dan or Danny, is the co host of Game Grumps and a member of Steam Train.He joined the show following Jon's departure and assumed the title of "Not-So-Grump".The former co-stars and real-life buds surprised Wilmer, who turns 35 years old today (happy birthday, Wilmer! ) before focusing all of his attention on getting the perfect photo of his cake for Instagram.Once he got the right pic, Wilmer blew out his candle and the crowd erupted into a round of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" (which seemingly started with Kutcher)."IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I was surprised last night by all the people I love!!

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