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At this stage, my therapist and I worked hard to figure out that what I most wanted was to bring myself back online, cultivate a mindful stance in dating, deepen a burgeoning spiritual practice, and stop betraying myself in the search for real love.It’s allowed me to honor myself and who I’m dating, a way of saying, “I care about myself enough to be here with you fully.I want my best self to shine through, and I want to let you see that.” If the man meets me there, wonderful! What matters is that It’s far less about the person I’m dating, and far more about how I’m connected to my own sense of integrity, trust, and worth.Only through mindfulness have I been able to come to that fully, with a trust in my own intuition, needs, and desires.Mindfulness, along with concrete behavioral strategies, has allowed me to radically shift my approach to cultivating my own sense of inherent worth.

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