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"She has also been writing new music in the studio and hoping to release something early next year.

She is in a much better headspace and is really happy right now."Gomez spoke earlier this year about how life-saving her friendships have been for her.

This episode not only is the much-anticipated return of Jake Ryan character to the series, but also is probably the season finale for the second season of Hannah Montana.

That's also an episode which shows very clearly how great an improvement the Jake Ryan story lines and the actor Cody Linley provide for the series.

He performed in community theater, and was able to get into acting with help from his brother Marc, who was also pursuing fame.

--junkk answer No Justin Bieber will not propose to Selena Gomez because they are too young too get married!!Selena Gomez celebrates her 27th birthday today, and she isn't doing it alongside any secret boyfriend. got an update on how her life is going after her appearance as a maid of honor in her cousin Priscilla De Leon's wedding on Friday.While Gomez has been relatively quiet publicly, in private, she's doing great and is self-focused, a source explained."Selena is doing amazing," a source told the outlet.The Hannah - Jake relationship gives more meaning and much-needed non-absurd comic relief.The Mikayla - Hannah rivalry, the relationship of Hannah with other people and things (like the z-phone of the previous episode)don't really offer enough solid ground to the show to go forward.

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I hope Cody Linley is to be offered a season-long contract this time instead of the traditional "let's do the season finale with you" approach, because he has everything to save the show from going utterly silly and pointless at times.

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