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The exhibitors that have represented the pavilion are: Despite the cost to the third world country, Tuvalu decided to develop its first national pavilion in 2013 to highlight the negative effects of global warming on the nation, which is forecast to be one of the first countries to disappear due to sea level rise caused by climate change.

After working closely with Taiwanese eco artist Vincent J. Huang at the 2012 UNFCCC COP18 session in Doha, Qatar and collaborating with the artist on several occasions, Tuvalu's government invited Huang to act as the representative artist for the pavilion.

The High Council for the Judiciary may authorize “tasks of any other kind”.

No other remunerated or particularly time-consuming activity without authorisation from the government, which considers whether it is compatible with the work of a judge, which is generally the case for part-time research and teaching No political activity, may not be called up for military service, no lucrative private activity, though compensation is allowed in the case of teaching, no work in an association if it impairs the judge’s independence No personal involvement or involvement as counsel in a case that has already been opened or is probably within the judge’s remit, no other activity, even temporary, except in an international judicial body or the university No other public or private office or post as member of parliament or local authority adviser; may not belong to political parties or other socio-political organisations; may not engage in business or in written or oral consultation except for close relatives.

The law before parliament, which is to replace tolerant case law, contains strict provisions on the prohibition, authorisation and declaration of ancillary activities and makes the incompatibility rules stricter.

No other work except scientific publications and part-time teaching, provided these do not affect the judge’s work; no activity or lucrative position that could tarnish the image of the judiciary; no political activity No political posts in the broad sense of the term, including government departments and the army, no lucrative private activity except scientific, teaching or artistic activity, and then on condition that it does not undermine the dignity of the post of judge.

Teaching and research are authorised subject to this condition.

No other public office or post, no other career or profession, no post as director, manager or member of a body running a lucrative establishment, no post assigned or title or declaration awarded by foreign authorities May not sit as an arbitrator or engage in any lucrative professional activity (save writing or editing) or any professional activity (save writing or editing) or any political activity; substantial restrictions also apply when a judge has left office Family proximity, to have been lawyer or representative; commercial or economic legal relationship.

To have had a litigation with a Party or his lawyer, interest in the object of the litigation, hierarchical or friendly relationship.

Outside of the central, international exhibition, individual nations produce their own shows, known as pavilions, as their national representation.

Nations that own their pavilion buildings, such as the 30 housed on the Giardini, are responsible for their own upkeep and construction costs as well.

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Along the works of invited artists, there were many video compilations of films, performance and happenings presented by Central Asian artists from the end of the 1990s and beginning of 2000.

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