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Prior to departure for Myanmar you will be given a temporary mailing address to use during pre-service training. After you are sworn in as a Volunteer, your friends and family may send letters and packages to you at your site via regular international mail.

Please wait until you arrive in country to understand and communicate the proper mailing instructions to your family and friends.

Even if you forget a bag, keys or phone somewhere public it’s likely they’ll get returned to you – a short while back, a backpacker left a bag in a taxi, which contained his passport, credit cards and money.

The driver found the traveller and returned everything the same night.

Calls to prayer from mosques and sermons from temples are heard on loudspeakers all over the city.

The people are, for the most part, deeply engaged in spiritual practice.

Plus, many of their Facebooks posts are related to their practice and ‘doing good deeds’.

The Myanmar people are said to be amongst the friendliest in Asia.

They are genuine and relaxed, respectful and humble.

The concept ‘cash-economy’ has a whole new meaning in Myanmar.

Due to foreign sanctions, there are almost no credit cards, most people pay cash for everything.

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