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Most sexy seniors are successful and financially well-off so if you are looking to hook-up with a sexy older woman in her fifties you need to be either her boy toy or her equal. Many older women in the mid or late fifties are either widowed or divorced.

They have spent many years in a relationship and for many, being single again is just want they want.

today's sexy seniors want men that are flexible, confident and pro active.

What they don't want is a wimpy guy that needs a mommy or nurse.

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Here’s some of the science behind how we pick a potential mate.

Indeed, viewers have tuned in to series such as Blind Date, Take Me Out and The Bachelor for decades.

But recently Channel 4 took the format a “bold” step further, launching a new dating programme, Naked Attraction, which features men and women selecting from a range of potential suitors, each of whom appear on the programme – entirely naked.

Body shape is one of the most widely discussed aspects of physical attractiveness.

Our ideas of the ideal body shape are often wrongly manipulated by the media, advertising or the fashion industry.

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