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Of course we're all insane to consider a franchice that centers around cock fighting kid-friendly just because the characters spout BS about friendship.

You could also try ou Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I didn't play Heart Gold or SS (as they didn't really change much, and you shouldn't fix what isn't broken), but please..enlighten me. I mean you got so many new features in these games ever since Red/blue came out like wifi battles,contest, changes of battle mechanics just to name a few and even the upcoming games(black/white)would even bring new changes to the series from the info we got Yeah, you still fail to mention anything that makes the games new and exciting. The 3rd Generation gave us Double battles, which improved gameplay. You would always expect atleast 8 gyms, 4 Elites and a Champion, but the region would be completely different. It makes the games seem similar, but everything else is different. Still, those of us who want a good storyline manage to find our share of good games.

I don't think there are many games that are mature. :(But a few games actually do have long and interesting storylines.

Since 99% of the time you kill/destroy something and there's always a character that acts like a frat bro or the character appeals to frat boys and people who live on the Jersey shore. The ones I recommend are the Lost in Blue series (1-3), Sims: Urbz Sims in the City, possibly the new Sims 3 for DS (coming in October), Hotel Dusk, The Phoenix Wright series.

and Barnum & Bailey - Circus Friends - Asian Elephants (US)(Xeno Phobia)Ringling Bros.

and Barnum & Bailey - It's My Circus - Elephant Friend (E)Rio (DSi Enhanced) (E)Rio (DSi Enhanced) (U)Rise of the Guardians (E)(EXi Mi US)Rise of the Guardians (U)(EXi Mi US)Rittai Picross (JP)(Caravan)River City - Super Sports Challenge (U)River City Soccer Hooligans (U)River King - Mystic Valley (U)(SQUi RE)Riz-Zoawd (J)(Caravan)Road to Vegas (EU)(EXi Mi US)Roary - The Racing Car (E)Roary the Racing Car (EU)(BAHAMUT)Robbie Konijn - Leren Lezen en Schrijven - 5-8 Jaar (Nl)(Xeno Phobia)Robocalypse (U)(Xeno Phobia)Robots (E)(Trashman)Robots (J)(Mode 7)Robots (U)(Trashman)Rock Band 3 (E)Rock Band 3 (U)Rock Blast (U)(SQUi RE)Rock Revolution (EU)(M9)(EXi Mi US)Rock Revolution (U)(Xeno Phobia)Rockin' Pretty (US)(Suxxors)Rockman EXE - Operate Shooting Star (JP)(BAHAMUT)Rockman EXE 5 DS - Twin Leaders (J)(WRG)Rock Man Zero Collection (J)Rockman ZX (J)(WRG)Rockman ZX Advent (J)(Independent)Rollercoaster Park (E)Rollin' Rascals (US)(BAHAMUT)Rondo of Swords (U)(EXi Mi US)Roogoo Attack!

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