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“Nearly 100 people paid a fee to participate in Wilmot Ski Resort’s event.

Teaching students to design effective oral presentations has also been found to support thinking development as “the quality of presentation actually improves the quality of thought, and vice versa” (Živković, 2014, p. Additionally, the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards specifically focus on oral presentations.When students are presenting information on a topic they have researched, we remind them to summarize using their own words and to give credit when using someone else’s words.—It can’t be assumed that students have experience using technology tools in presentations.In other words, thinking about what vocabulary, language features and organizational structures they may need, and then providing students with scaffolding, like speaking frames and graphic organizers.Oral presentations can also provide an opportunity for students to practice their summarizing skills.

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We also share with our students what is known as “The Picture Superiority Effect”-- a body of research showing that people are better able to learn and recall information presented as pictures as opposed to just being presented with words (Kagan, 2013).

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