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Do not take any actions based upon the information contained within the State Resource pages without first consulting an attorney licensed in your state.We at Dads strive to keep our information up-to-date; however state laws are not static and subject to change without notice.Contact an experienced Tulsa divorce attorney when you need to go through the Oklahoma divorce process.The State Resource pages are provided for informational purposes only.The five required elements are: (2001 OK 37, 26 P.3d 104), a common law marriage is formed when “the minds of the parties meet in consent at the same time” and the other elements were merely evidence to be considered to establish the existence of a marriage relationship.The presence of these factors can be persuasive evidence in determining a common law marriage but are not factors which require evidence.In addition to property rights, there are several other issues the divorce date of separation affects.

The practice has rapidly been diminishing throughout the country, and the handful of states that still allow it have been in the process of abolishing it, including Oklahoma. 490), the Supreme Court held Oklahoma statutes that required a license, witnesses, and a certificate of marriage were merely directory and had no proscriptive effect on the validity of common law marriages. §4 provides requirements for establishing a marriage and states “No person shall enter into or contract the marriage relation…without a license being first issued by the judge or clerk of the district court…” This language is further bolstered by the language in 43 O. §5 and its superseding documents, which specify what is to be contained within the license and specifically states the following: “The provisions hereof are mandatory and not directory.” Oklahoma’s intent to abolish common law marriage is even further evidenced by the language within 43 O. §7(A) which provides: “All marriages must be contracted by a formal ceremony performed or solemnized in the presence of at least two adult, competent persons as witnesses, by a judge or retired judge of any court in this state, or an ordained or authorized preacher or minister of the Gospel, priest or other ecclesiastical dignitary of any denomination who has been duly ordained or authorized by the church to which he or she belongs to preach the Gospel, or a rabbi and who is at least eighteen (18) years of age.” Unfortunately, the language contained in 43 O. §§§4, 5, and 7 and the legislative intent of the statutes fail to be specific enough to overcome 12 O. §2, which states: “The common law, as modified by constitutional and statutory law, judicial decisions and the condition and wants of the people, shall remain in force in aid of the general statutes of Oklahoma; but the rule of the common law, that statutes in derogation thereof, shall be strictly construed, shall not be applicable to any general statute of Oklahoma; but all such statutes shall be liberally construed to promote their object.” What establishes a common law marriage has been posed to the Oklahoma courts since the state’s founding.

The intent by one spouse to the other must be so clear that the only conclusion both spouses make is that a separation occurred.

Both spouses must consider the marriage over, both must possess the intent. The couple must display conduct consistent with their intent to divorce.

Originally, the Oklahoma judiciary protected the establishment of a common law marriage. Since this ruling, the Oklahoma legislature has gone out of its way to attempt to override this holding and require marriages in Oklahoma to possess a license in order to contract to be married. The elements and determining factors have continually changed and have been distinguished over time in the attempt to secure a final common law standard in which to follow.

Prior to the current definition, older Oklahoma cases determined there were five elements that must be proven by clear and convincing evidence.

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This makes property and many other family law issues easier to determine.

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