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She does not flirt with her suitor; she must tease his affections out of him until she is ready to enter a relationship with him.Public displays of affection are not tolerated in romantic relationships.Filipino women are considered very beautiful if they maintain the Maria Clara image, which means a woman is most attractive if she is demure, caring, motherly, and traditional all at once.Traditional Views on Dating and Marriage She is never to make her true feelings towards her suitor known right away until she is secure in his affections for her.Traditionally, a Filipina does not go out on a date with someone who simply asks for her number out on the street or in public, and she does not enter a relationship with someone that she doesn’t know for very long.A Filipina woman is to be courted with the best efforts that a suitor can put forward.While these traditions are no longer in place nowadays, there are still some practices that keep in line with the traditional dating culture of past times.There are dozens of reasons why dating a Cebu woman could be the best decision you’ll make in your life.

While traditional dating practices such as the are out of style nowadays, the mentality that the man is expected to take the lead on a date with a Filipina is not.During the dating part of the relationship, a Filipina woman is expected to play “hard to get”, and must not show her suitor that she is interested, no matter how she feels about him.Demure and reserved is the mark of a true Filipina woman, when it comes to her relationships.Chaperones are no longer needed on dates with a Filipina woman, but dates are typically held in public locations, such as restaurants, cafes, or a walk on the park.When it comes to modern marriage in the Philippines, not much has changed in how they view marriage compared to the past.

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