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Later, his mother was married to Ngisaveni Abel Shingange in the year 1992. Trevor and his mother, Patricia were both physically abused by Shingange, and the couple legally divorced in 1996.

Though Patricia survived as the bullet went through the base of her head, avoiding the spinal cord.

Unbelievably, Dani and Taylor; Trevor’s present girlfriend share a striking similarity.

Besides their similar interest in music, acting, and fitness, they are so much similar to a look-alike.

When it comes to Pitbull’s other children, is quite confusing..

You see this site here stated he has four children, but this one here said that he has two, some commenters even mentioned the names of at the third child, allegedly is a Amia who is about a year a half, they said this little child is the sister of another son Pitbull had with his wife, but we already know there is no wife, so????

Things solved amicably that even Barbara’s attorney had a complement for Mr. Barbara Alba is also the mother of triplets from another relationship, and the question is what about Pitbull’s other children and baby mamas, girlfriend of wife???

As far as we know there is no wife and some people rumored that he once dated Nayer, but that was never confirmed and if he is dating someone at this moment, he is pretty good at keeping it a secret.

In 2017, he featured as Kenneth the Hairdresser/Part-time slave in Swansea Grand Theatre’s production of Aladdin.

So then comes little Bryce Perez, Pitbull’s handsome son born on March 5, 2003, his famous father immortalized his face and birth date with a tattoo on his right arm, the mother of Bryce is..

Tony Maudsley is currently single, no have a wife and rumors regarding his affairs with anyone from the entertainment business has not been heard yet. However, he hasn’t revealed any past affairs, neither he has seen with any girlfriends.

Tony Maudsley started his career when he landed a role in the film,, in the year 1998 where he played the part of Stefan Kiszko.

Also, he played many small parts on television film.

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