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These provide information on works submitted, rates of payment, date of proposed publication, and suggested editorial changes.Marianne Moore's letters are more detailed than those of the other editors, and often include her opinions of a work or ideas for revision.The contributors' letters are primarily routine business correspondence.Typically, a file will hold submission letters, which are then followed by letters of acceptance or rejection.

The two folders of Maxwell Bodenheim letters contain much discussion of 's "standards" and Bodenheim's anger over the frequent rejections he received.

Moore's editorial practices sometimes irritated authors. Box 8, folder 300 contains an exchange between the editor and William Butler Yeats, some of whose work Moore had rejected.

Her correspondence with Hart Crane (Box 2, folders 49-50) documents her many suggestions for revisions and changes of title.

Most of the correspondence dates from between 19, during the tenures of Alyse Gregory and Marianne Moore; there are few letters between contributors and the first managing editor, Gilbert Seldes.

The rule of filing by contributor's name also applies to those contributors who were at one time or another employees of the .

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