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I think the solution lies in writing a vba in powerpoint. If you need to edit the charts then clearly you will either need to edit the underlying Excel files, or be able to edit in Power Point As you are using Power Point2007 which provides full Excel support (unlike Power Point 2003 which has a datasheet) I would Part 1 This gives you a flexible solution, except that Excel underlying each chart cannot be updated automatically via a Power Point menu Update Links command.

I've run into this myself for updating weather images from the Internet during a slideshow. Delete End If End With Next Next Set sld Temp = Active Presentation. Before you start with Power Point to manage your org charts, have an honest conversation about the limitations: Ok, decisions are made. Some might recommend that you draw each box and each connector line in your org chart, but that can be frustrating.I recommend using Smart Art so you can build your org chart a little quicker.You can change solid-lines to dotted-lines by selecting the line, right-clicking, selecting Format Shape, selecting Line, and then changing the option for Dash Type.Power Point is just one example of a tool that lets you draw boxes to create an org chart.

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