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Prague is well known for its beautiful Eastern European girls, and the same goes for nightclubs and Czech beer.Nonetheless, the image of Prague as a stag destination is slowly disappearing, as stag nights which mainly took advantage of the low prices, cheap beer and abundance of nightclubs are now …However, a one-night stan Even if a mainstream dating site has "casual" options, most users may be looking for a relationship.There are many free dating sites, but only Naughtyfind gives you the freedom and features to find potential dates in the most straightforward way.Read More »A BBC programme about prostitution in European capital cities connected with popular weekend stag parties of Britons in the Continent, reported the Czech Republic to be a transit centre for the selling of women.The documentary also describes a meeting, filmed with a hidden camera, with a Czech-speaking man who …Read More »Sex sells, and that is definitely the truth when it comes to the city of Prague. Read More »The boom in sex tourism visitors along with the popularity of stag and hen parties has created a large adult industry catering both for tourists and recently also more and more for locals.The city is famous for its sex clubs and they have something for just about any taste. Under communism, nudity was banned, but in the last two decades a large number of nightclubs, cabarets, …

The average price of sexual services per hour is between 20 CZK, …

Read More »“I got used to luxury and cocaine,” says Tereza, who is now 28 and has a well-paid husband and two beautiful, healthy children.

Nobody would believe that she used to earn money as a hooker.

Regardless of whether you agree with it, since 1989, Prague has been Europe’s sex tourist capital.

This is due to the cheaper beer and the erroneous belief that prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic.

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