Profit center is not updating from idocinputinvoicfi

List of Important IDOC Transaction Codes WEDI – EDI Menu.IDOC and EDI base WE02 – Display IDoc WE05 – IDoc Lists WE06 – Active IDoc monitoring WE07 – IDoc statistics WE08 – Status File Interface WE09 – Search for IDocs by Content WE10 – Search for IDoc in Archive WE11 – Delete IDocs WE12 – Test Modified Inbound File WE14 – Test Outbound Processing WE15 – Test Outbound Processing from MC WE16 – Test Inbound File WE17 – Test Status File WE18 – Generate Status File WE19 – Test tool WE20 – Partner Profiles WE21 – Port definition WE23 – Verification of IDoc processing WE24 – Default Values For Outbound Parameters WE27 – Default Values for Inbound Parameters WE30 – IDOC Type Development WE31 – Development IDoc Segment WE32 – Development IDoc View WE34 – Object for Display of XML IDocs WE40 – IDOC Administration WE41 – Process codes, outbound WE42 – Process codes, inbound WE43 – Funct.module: Status record display WE44 – Partner Types and Checks WE45 – Forward (inbound) (V3, EDILOGADR) WE46 – Error and Status Processing WE47 – Status Maintenance WE50 – System process codes: Texts WE51 – System process codes: Change texts WE54 – FMs for changing file names WE55 – Function Module for Path Names WE56 – IDOC Administration WE57 – Assignment Messages for Appl.

For this, you convert the profit center into an scenario, especially since this would increase the data volume.Profit centers can be considered as “companies with in the company”It is a mystery to many how the profit center is determined in various postings.Without understanding this, it is not possible to define a sound SAP enterprise structure.(See also SAP Note 826357 The main aim of profit center accounting is to determine the period result for each profit center.The SAP system allows you to portray the period result according to both period accounting as well as cost of sales accounting.

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is an organizational unit that reflects a management-oriented structure of the company and for which an individual period result can be determined.

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