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The tracks were also issued as a rare 12" mini-album called The Meteors Meet Screaming Lord Sutch.

Soon after that, they issued the double A-side anthems "Radioactive Kid" and "Graveyard Stomp".

The band were interviewed by No Class fanzine at The Marquee on the night of the live-recording of the track In Heaven.

However, unlike many punk bands, The Meteors would (and still very much do) insist that their shows be "a politics and religion free zone" in order to focus on having a good time instead of allowing disputes between fans to break out.

The band made their first TV appearance on Thames TV afternoon show White Light in late 1980.

At the time of writing, they have completed well over 5500 live shows (many times two or three performances per night, such as the now famous OTMAPP Festivals). Paul Fenech has also released ten highly regarded solo albums and plays in many side projects including The Legendary Raw Deal (rockabilly), The Surfing Dead (instrumental), and The Murder Brothers.

He is also a prolific and successful writer of horror film music and has written extensively for television and many other films (Under a pseudonym).

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He was replaced by longtime Meteors fan/roadie Woodie.

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