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But once we finally got it working, it provided a fun way to pass the time on a train ride, and it did teach us a bit about each other.Some of the questions were funny ("What is your blood type? ") and others were a little real ("How is Suzannah with apologies?

Tell me an embarrassing story from high school or college. If you could be an artist, what medium would you work in and why? In a hypothetical world, what would our future children’s jobs be? When was the last time someone, other than me, praised you? What school assignment did you absolutely kick ass on?

We recommend a pre-emptive response for this one, such as, "I'm planning on going with my mother / father / best man after we get our budget sorted out." Hopefully this will clue people in that it's a family or friend bonding trip. This question can be tricky, especially if they’re vying for an invite to be in it.

Explain that you have quite a few big details to work out before you can select your entourage, and that it’s something you’ll get to a little later on.

(“Praise is the strongest of positive emotions.”) 8. Tell me about a fun or hot hook-up experience you had in the past!

If you had to do one thing for 24 hours straight, what would it be? What’s a sexual fantasy that you never got to experience? (“Warning: This can be fun if you have a good relationship. If you had to spend 00 on something completely frivolous, what would it be? What do you wish you could still do that isn’t socially acceptable for an adult? Have you ever had something happen to you that you couldn’t explain? If you could have a redo on your youth, what’s something you’d do differently?

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  1. There have been hypotheses that children who are exposed to interparental violence are at greater risk for being victims or perpetrators of violence in romantic relationships during adolescence.