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400-800 years younger, than if you use the atmospheric terrestrial calibration curve.Even using the marine curve this still makes all the samples quite old, hearths A and C would fall at the upper end of our Dalma date range. "The dates were measured at the Heidelberg Radiocarbon Lab by Dr Bernd Kromer.

Mechanisms of Global Climate Change at Millennial Time Scales. Their calibration is slightly problematic, because the d13C-values are in the range of marine samples. the above diagram is prepared using the Terrestrial calibration curve (N. samples Hd-20755, Hd-20756 and Hd-20758 come out 400-800 years younger if the Marine calibration curve is used).If that were the case they would have to be calibrated against the marine calibration curve, which would decrease the age by at least 400 and at most 800 years. The samples from MR6.1 (OZE-165 and OZE-166) and MR6.3 (NZA-8042) were all dated using the AMS method. Stratigraphy and chronology of a 15 ka sequence of multi‐sourced silicic tephras in a montane peat bog, eastern North Island, New Zealand. Evidence for a very high carbon/iridium ratio in the Tunguska impactor.

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