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Après ma sortie, il m'a encore fallu du temps pour comprendre...

Jusqu'au jour où j'ai rencontré celle qui allait devenir ma femme.À l'époque, mon charme naturel et mon humour n'ont pas fait une grande impression sur Susan... Elle dit aimer mes contradictions car je peux être à la fois dingue tout en gardant les pieds sur terre.' Susan m'a sauvé la vie, tout simplement.

It's almost Christmas and Elaine's desperation is making her cranky, while Ally is frustrated that Larry doesn't like the season.

Trying to get Larry to open up, she uncovers one of his ...

With Hollywood's confidence in him restored, he is now carrying the 6 million blockbuster, Iron Man.

On the eve of its release, he talks to Murphy Williams At long last, Hollywood's most captivating hellraiser and ex-convict - Robert Downey Jr - is 'on a run where I can do no wrong'.

The road to recovery really began in 2003, when Downey met his wife-to-be, the producer Susan Levin, on the set of Gothica.".'Downey's youthful brightness is his saving grace, and most probably the reason he looks so wholesome, unscarred by his tribulations, and more swooningly handsome than ever.If, as Downey claims now, he 'wasn't happy from the time Chaplin came out until last year', he certainly never showed it.Je suis un autre homme depuis qu'elle est à mes côtés.Elle a quelque chose de pur en elle, de beau et de fort.

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With her, he said, he could enjoy monogamy for the first time: 'She was really grounded, a hard worker, and really motivated.' Most importantly, she wouldn't marry him unless he gave up drugs.

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