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Before Coffey bailed on the tour, he says there was more than ,000 in ticket sales. He adds he prays for Buell everyday, but business is business, and if fans are owed money Buell should return their money.

According to my count, Coffey appeared in 29 episodes of Paranormal State with Ryan Buell.

I am pleading with you out of LOVE for my son and I'm frightened by what his situation has become."Fans and one-time fans quickly commented on Buell's mother's post.

Some are defending Buell, while others say how Buell has taken money from them, too.

Part of what Shelly Bonita Lundberg stated was, "PLEASE stop enabling his situation by sending money, buying tickets to events that may never occur, buying merchandise/phone calls you may never get, paying money to watch him on Twitch, and giving him offers of shelter ...

The 2014 incident was not the first time Buell canceled shows.LOL I like how Chip Coffey is stepping out of the way.I think it's ironic that this is a legal offence but taking people's money for something that (according to all the evidence) you can't do is fine provided you turn up and lie to people in person (and in a potentially very damaging way).After Coffey dropped out, self-described "psychic vampire" Michelle Belanger was going to participate in the "Conversations with the Dead Tour." According to my count, Belanger participated in 28 episodes of A&E Network's, Paranormal State.Payment option for the "Conversations with the Dead Tour" was via Pay Pal.

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You are currently viewing the forum as a guest, which means you are missing out on discussing matters that are of interest to you. Ryan Buell, from the short lived "Paranormal State" might be going away for a while: To save you time, Buell has been promoting paranormal events and conferences, and then canceling them without refunds.

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