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Sometimes, you think, ‘Oh I’ll do that later, I’ll be more open or more openly honest.’ And then you’re so busy not wanting to be defined that you don’t.

The actress, currently starring in the Amazon series declines to label herself but notes that she was brought up with an open mind — her ultraprogressive family would take her to gay pride events, antiracism marches, and so forth.30-year old British actress Saffron Burrows is a rarity in entertainment–an openly bisexual feminist with a successful film career who doesn’t shy away from lesbian relationships in her work or her life.People know now that I live with Mike Figgis, but I prefer not to talk about an interview that reveals more about her personal life than ever.Burrows, who has had relationships with both men and women, married Balian in August 2013.

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I think for a while I was just avoiding conversations, in order to not be labelled in some way that I felt was limiting and not actually true to who I am.

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