Sarah michelle gellar and james marsters dating

I never seen privat pictures SMG & JM together from 1997 y so i didn't know they were a couple and i didn't read about this before.

WOW, thats like wow, I thought she only dated David Boreanaz in the beginning of series.

James did say at some point he had a little crush on Sarah but When she found out she more or less told them there couldn't be anything between them.

And Sarah and Dave dating has been rumours for years. It's always claiming that people have been going out with people they never did, especially co-stars. I was so gutted but there's always someone on their profile who the celeb has claimed not to have dated.

I don't know how is relationship between James and Sarah now and how was. Yeah I agree with Stars1100 there good friends nothing else and to whoever made this convo topic The letter R on the whos dated who site means real reshonship the S means Screen couple and the M means Married!

I don't think this is true some times websites lie or they are confussed.

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Into every generation there is a tv show, one chosen to be beloved by all but behind the scenes be filled with drama, that is the Buffyverse.

Nice work Angie22, thats very big news to share for all us.

Thank you for the information on Sarah Michelle Gellar & James Marsters history as a couple. James Marsters said in an interview that kissing SMG was 'really weird. Surely he wouldn't say that if he'd dated her before. x Tinkx - Maybe they were short together and broke up because wanted to be only friends. but it is weird because i watched an interview just today where ASH and JM were talking and hes like "once you kiss sarah everything changes. is simply NOT TRUE..David and James are married and they were married when Buffy started, David lived next door to me when I lived in LA and I have talked with him many times and I have seen his wife.

Maybe this is reason why James said in an interview that kissing SMG was weird. Before it was like "greta performance, loved you in the episode last night" and now its like "DUDE TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF"" (obviously its an old interview lol) but he wouldn;t say that if he dated her surely? James has been married since 1996 before Buffy and he married a woman he met when he was living in England.

With Joss Whedons ex-wife revealing he started having affairs while on the set of Buffy, I decided to take a look at the other BTS drama that went on within the show.-Sophia Crawford was the stunt double for Sarah Michelle Gellar during S1-4 before allegedly being fired at the end of Season 4-Her now husband Jeff Pruitt came in at the beginning of Season 2 as the Stunt coordinator-Jeff and Sophia claimed that after SMG came back to the show after filming some movies during the shows 1st season hiatus, she was a total diva.

Jeff claimed that SMG was not a fan of Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) due to Charisma becoming a fan favorite.

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