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If his self identity is defined by how much money he has or what he lacks, that is dangerous. His hard work is admirable but there is more to being a man.

A man has a low self esteem if he feels he needs to parade his material wealth so that people can take him seriously.

He stays in a relationship where the woman is taking advantage of him, she gives him crap or maybe it’s a relationship that is going nowhere, maybe it’s a relationship with a married woman.

A man of right standing knows he is the best and so he settles only for the best and what is good for him because he knows the value he brings.

The fact is, whenever I find that I’m facing a big problem, over and over and over, the consistent factor in that problem is usually me.

He chokes his woman’s social life, he gets jealous for no reason, ever suspecting her, keeping her on a leash, watching her every move.

Any man who beats his wife or a woman shows just how little he thinks of himself that he feels he needs to show how man he is through violence.

A man of right standing uses his strength to protect not to harm.

The partner with low self-esteem may not feel like they are deserving of the love or attention of the person that loves them, which can drive all manner of negative behaviors.

Others may not realize that they do have problems with their self-esteem because they don’t understand the difference between healthy and low self-esteem.

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The only time he comes alive or fully lives life is when he is high on alcohol.

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