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One way to differentiate in the classroom is to use various learning modalities.Considering the fact that each student learns in a different way, using chatterbots provides another modality in which students can engage with content.

However, with one teacher in the classroom and 25 or more students, it can also take away large amounts of precious class time, especially diagnostic testing for reading comprehension.

BENEFITS Chatterbots (also called chatbots) are a relatively new technology and their use in educational settings has not been fully explored and certainly not widely implemented.

The benefits that can be derived from utilizing chatterbot technology can be seen across various educational settings and student outcomes.

With the increase of technology in classrooms, the same technological increase can be assumed about libraries and due to this students are demanding more from their school libraries.

Utilizing a chatterbot to provide assistance in locating books in the library could be helpful in allowing librarians spend more time in assisting students with special requests.

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Futhermore, focus will be given to the benefits obtained from increased student motivation and greater differentiation.

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