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Jaquins and Browning each interviewed Nora separately, and Browning conducted a medical examination of Nora. Nora informed both Jaquins and Browning that the first time "her dad had had her have sex with him" was "at their old house." She said this incident had occurred "last year or the year before that" and that he had "told her to go in there and put her butt up towards the ceiling, then he came in there and stuck his penis in her butt." She recounted that the second time it happened "they were over at the trailer" and he "started touching her on her breasts and her butt" and then "told [her] to stick [her] butt up in the air, and he stuck his penis in [her] butt again." She stated that the first incident occurred on the couch in the family's living room and that the second incident occurred when her sisters were outside painting the trailer. She was interviewed by Detectives Kevin Fineberg and Dan Shook at the Sheriff's Office. Nora told Detective Fineberg that in 2008 Defendant had told her to kneel down on a couch and then begun to have anal intercourse with her. Generally, to establish prejudice, a defendant must show that there is a reasonable probability that, but for counsel's unprofessional errors, the result of the proceeding would have been different.

Prior to their testimony, the court gave a limiting instruction, informing the jury that it was not permitted to consider the testimony as evidence of Defendant's character but only "as proof of . She testified that he briefly stuck his penis into her vagina and that the entire sexual interaction lasted "[n]ot even a minute." Melissa described both of these encounters as "mutual" rather than coercive. Tony's Testimony Tony testified that in the summer of 1985 when he was eleven years old and Defendant was approximately fifteen years old, the two boys were staying at Tony's grandmother's house. This Court has held that "[t]o show ineffective assistance of appellate counsel, Defendant must meet the same standard for proving ineffective assistance of trial counsel." State v. The State presented evidence at Defendant's trial tending to establish the following facts: Defendant began dating a woman in 1995 who was pregnant. E.2d at 875 (citation and quotation marks omitted). Similarity We first address whether the acts described in the testimony of Melissa and Tony were sufficiently similar to the incidents alleged by Nora such that their testimony met the similarity requirement of Rule 404(b). Second, with regard to Tony, both his and Nora's testimony described similar acts of forcible anal intercourse. Remoteness [in time] for purposes of 404(b) must be considered in light of the specific facts of each case and the purposes for which the evidence is being offered. However, we have set out the relevant facts in more detail below. Both girls were related to Defendant, and the incidents each occurred in a familial residence. [R]emoteness in time may be significant when the evidence of the prior crime is introduced to show that both crimes arose out of a common scheme or plan; but remoteness is less significant when the prior conduct is used to show intent, motive, knowledge, or lack of accident. She stated that at some point during that afternoon Defendant instructed Emma and Mia to go outside. Because the MAR Order only addressed the prejudice prong of the test for ineffective assistance of counsel, we begin our analysis by determining whether the trial court erred in concluding that Defendant had failed to show prejudice under Strickland. Prejudice Prong of Strickland Test In order to determine whether Defendant established prejudice, we must decide whether there is a reasonable probability that the result of Defendant's first appeal would have been different had Casterline asserted plain error in his appellate brief. It may, however, be admissible for other purposes, such as proof of motive, opportunity, intent, preparation, plan, knowledge, identity, or absence of mistake, entrapment or accident. Defendant then told Nora to come to the kitchen and then directed her to "get down on [her] knees" and "pull [her] pants down." She testified that Defendant had anal intercourse with her while she was crying on the kitchen floor. "In criminal cases, an issue that was not preserved by objection noted at trial and that is not deemed preserved by rule or law without any such action nevertheless may be made the basis of an issue presented on appeal when the judicial action questioned is specifically and distinctly contended to amount to plain error." N.

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They were using flashlights to see because the power in the house had been turned off. home, and while they were there he had her bend over onto the couch and he had anal intercourse." Melissa responded to Nora that this "was a very strong allegation, that if she wasn't being completely honest that she would put her father, [Defendant], into a serious situation, that he could go to jail." Melissa further stated that Nora "needed to be completely honest." Nora responded that "she was being honest and truthful and she understood what could happen." Melissa informed Nora's uncle about the incident, and he told his wife, Tammy — Defendant's sister — who had served as a "mother figure" to Nora, Emma, and Mia. Between me and my dad." Leslie responded "No" but then wrote, "Sexually? "[U]nder Rule 404(b), evidence of prior sex acts may have some relevance to the question of [the] defendant's guilt of the crime charged if it tends to show a relevant state of mind such as intent, motive, plan, or opportunity." State v.

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