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However, this is not a case that needs to be rushed. ihmj xoxo Mourning MJ,this was a good news just before i go to sleap. I know your heart, and I know that you are capable of doing what is right. Azja Pryor July, 2009 SAMANTHA, What a heart touching letter this is. Jermaine- well, he's just being Jermaine, (but I am sympathy for Jermaine now so I'll bite my tounge). Feelgood) Got one thing that's easily understood (Dr. Feelgood Mary RM I think your best strategy is to have the This Is It-Movie website open along with Yahoo Movies and the sites of the biggest ciname chains in Canada and just see who's gonna start selling tickets for your location. First did he have Michael's permission to release these to the public , and is their proof in a written contract? It is also interesting to note from history that Hitler also sentenced to death Jehovah Witnesses. thanks to Anne again for that background info..the murder in America?

I realy hope,thay did a good job,and everyone,who is responsible for this,got to jail! Clear Michael's name of your ugly accusations once and for all. I tell you this lady has just said and written all the right words to put forward to this family for what they did to MJ..its undoubtedly true that this family needs to clear first MJ' S name once and for all, and secondly unchain their evil hearts from the terrible,terrible accusations they put towards MJ , so that at least they could one day be forgiven in Heaven... RIP MJ Thank you so much Samantha for sharing this with us..heart is just aching so much now... 😦 😦 Luda- I have NEVER claimed to pretend to know MJ (IF I was in the company of MJ, he would be with me right now for crying out loud. Marlon, Tito and Jackie (well, Jermaine too) is working on their new A&E realith show, Jackson Family Dynasty- they are greiving, and not very well from what I hear. Don't worry – everyone else in Canada is just as much in the dark as you so everyone will probably take some time to figure it out before they can buy a ticket. ** Of course MJ's mom is going to come to his defense, respectably so. But who cares- I'd still run my fingers through it πŸ™‚ Pete Londell- That's a great idea! I'll be back on Central Standard Time after "dateline". Also, is it proper for a rabbi to release confidential information. I told him I was venting – the dogs and cat don't seem to mind. I'm sure Michael would not be pleased at the language I used. I don't think Michael had love for the man, just that someone needed to help him. It is so haunting and so indicative of the many genres Michael was able to work with musically. I am so thankful for the music and the film of his dancing. @ Mary RM I do believe as well that Michael would have greatly benefitted from therapy.

A spokeswoman in London said that contrary to some reports, the posthumous single would not go on sale separately but would be available for radio stations to play from October 12. The whole choir of the heavenly host, Dancing to music the angels loved most. He’ll live in our hearts and we’ll love him forever. ....weekend special to keep us rolling to the next level....

"This song only defines, once again, what the world already knows - that Michael is one of God's greatest gifts," said John Mc Clain, co-producer of the album and an executor of Jackson's estate. In his heart he was a 50-year-old child, Sweet, loving, gentle and mild. still haven't decided if I'll watch the Shmuley interview on TV – today is a bad day for me and not sure how much more I can take today.

Jackson died of an overdose of prescription drugs on June 25, at around the time he was rehearsing for a 50-date, sellout series of comeback concerts in London. His had a sweet smile, that you could see If you turned around in a mile! He had great kids, great sisters, and a great mother. Tried to straighten out some of people at work about Michael...

The "This Is It" movie, subject of a million deal between Jackson's estate and concert promoter AEG Live and Sony Pictures, is based on footage from the final concert rehearsals. He’s loved for music and dancing too, But overall Michael we just love you! This Is It may give us a little insight on Michael's health prior to his death. never sure if I am getting through to them but quite frankly not the sharpest tools in the shed, even the ones that I like because they are sweet, plus one that is definitely clueless and vindictive as well. Thank you bloggers for all of your comments as they have helped me to work through this grief over the loss of such a talented man.

I don't like, though I will read it for I would like to know the religious and/or spiritual spin Boteach will give to the whole matter. I haven't come to grips with Michael being gone. The previews of the movie look amazing, like everything Michael does! To lull you into trusting him and then stab you in the back with his evil insinuations that Michael Jackson cannot even defend himself against because he is dead. πŸ™‚ I also read in yesterday about it that they will release the single CD and then on the 26th october, release the international album for sale . ) It's your grace, I know today it's how I made it (Thank You, Jesus) When I thought that it was over (Lord, have mercy) [Chorus] Everybody that's been holdin' you down, look at 'em and tell 'em This is it! this is interesting all together see: SHE THINKS THE "IHMJ" STANDS FOR "I HATE MICHAEL JACKSON" STU- THAT MAKES ME UPSET- Can you not tell by my posts what a dedicated fan I am? I am crying at the "introduction" of the song 8080. Beatles items...a percentage goes to Michael's estate. **TESS** I'm sorry, I'm just jumping in regarding your question regarding why there have not been any arrests. and Most of all Michael as a Person a Human Being.... Claims and allegations that you and I both know are completely false and utterly ridiculous. For someone to have to go this far to have to die .. IN FACT I WAS THINKING WE COULD ALL GET TOGETHER AND ASK SOME TV CHANNEL TO PLAY THE MAKING OF THRILLER ON HALLOWEEN. my cineplex website has nothing and the guest services told me they have no information. so far..only 20 minutes in, but i think it is good that Michael recorded his conversations to put into a book. Mary FM Under the title "This is it," there are various discussions & if you scroll through (they're not in any order) there could be a link. @Laura - Really, he really couldn't trust anyone... Proves once again what I said all along – Michael needed good psychiatric therapy – not because of mental illnes – he needed it to heal the mental scarring he had. Maybe Rabbi needs a dictionary – Michael liked and trusted Princess Diana – maybe he was just wary of many of the women he was surrounded by – either shallow or women with plenty of issues of their own (LMP for instance). saw the tapes interview i almost cried when Rabbi said no one could feel or heal not even his fans what Mike was going through soo heart breaking but i somewhat agree that Rabbi should have kept those tapes to himself even if sometime ago Mike want it to release those tapes its just looks like every1 is cashing in now coz Mike is no longer here ...sad...... but it can also be because sometimes on a blog we type to fast! But the absolute worst thing is that he KNEW MJ was experience a disease called Major Depression which has very high mortality rate and he did not take the responsibility for making sure MJ went to see a psychiatrist.

Sony Pictures and Sony Music are units of Sony Corp. Anyway, can't wait to listen to that sweet angel voice again....... Michael Jackson is the greatest performer the world has ever seen. πŸ™‚ And isn't this **mj** just a step above The Informer? But they won't except Ticketmaster tickets..... From 25th June to up till now not one thing is making sense, no investigation no arrest maybe they are doing is quietly who knows, IF someone is saying he/she is **mj** or believing all this we can't be rude .... I just wish he had more time to give us one more smile. Gene, although I have never had the pleasure of exchanging conversation with you, I have heard many wonderful delightful things about you. i asked about "This is it" movie in two theaters and they know nothing about it. about those books, i won't buy nor read them, only if it is Michael's or Aphrodite's. the only thing i'd love to hear is that this is only a bad dream but in the end everything will be ok. Oh-Doesn't if just figure that MJ "crosses over" to speak to us and I miss it! πŸ˜‰ MJ If your still out there you need to tell us some lyrics from the THIS IS IT single. lol If you are out there you need to come to my tanning salon before making your reapperance-you need a spray tan BAD. (don't even know I am lying to myself) is a shield that Michael himself hid behind for half of his life. Michael Jackson- I'm not mad that you are late; you are always fashionably late. Why is everything so quiet all of a sudden about Michael Jackson's death – and the investigation. I know some of the things I felt or said 9 years ago, I may not want to be known today b/c with age one gets wiser.

There are days that I can listen to his music...along and be happy, then there are days that I listen to his music and I can't help but cry! I'm excited, but saddened all at the same time. I believe thats why they seem to be rushing to do all these things coz they know once the fans are disappointed with the investigation if it comes later as not expected, we are not going to boost the sales of all these things as they want. ) your miracle (stand up and fight) [Rap] This is it ya'll, this is it ya'll You've been waitin' and debating , here it is, ya'll All your stuff from your past, shake it off ya'll Though they said you wouldn't last, who you is ya'll? Then, at that time, the LAPD and State Prosecutor will call in medical experts for their objective opinions and decide what charges will be followed. A man who is arguably the greatest entertainer the world will ever know. I feel the most honest description we are going to get is from the Rabbi. Also the Rabbi would not let them turn the interview negative. Three months have gone by so fast and yet it has not lessened the pain of losing Michael. I WOULD ENJOY ENJOYING THROUGH THEIR EYES THE FIRST TIME THEY SEE HIM DANCE AND SING. WE OWE TO MICHAEL TO BRING HIS STUFF TO THE NEXT GENERATION. JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL AND HIS KIDS WHOSE LIVES HAVE BEEN SENSELESSLY TURNED UPSIDE DOWN BY THOSE WHO PUT GREED IN FRONT OF HUMAN LIFE. She came out last summer in the media to set the record straight., She had enough of the rumours. Or maybe the blue is an ocean – an ocean of people – and one single drop – one person against this whole ocean will shutter in his clash with the crowd – so that others could commit and open up their wings and fly. I can't wait to see what Michael worked so hard to create. Looks like I will be going alone with my box of tissue. "As far as Michael Jackson is concerned, his death is a terrible tragedy, a terrible loss of life, a terrible waste of human potential," Boteach, a onetime friend of the late superstar, told Haaretz this week. with abuse we all know you never forget and it becomes magnified as you grow older because you begin to deal with it. why do people criticize Michael for actually being able to talk about what happened to him. at least Michael was mature enough to openly admit and even tape record what he struggles with!! I cannot decide if I want to watch the Dateline show. I am wondering how upsetting it is especially hearinng MJ's actual voice being so sad.

There are days that I am ANGRY over the death of Michael, then there are days that I am just SAD! I still haven't gotten enough nerve to watch my DVD, Michael Jackson: Live in Bucharest! Sometimes I even think there might be some kind of playing -with-time with the investigation to give way for all these things....... think about this, maybe there's an answer to all our question on this Movie This is it.. remember we have lots of question about MJ, maybe we could seek an answer.. (the experts are involved to determine the "level" of addiction Michael was suffering and who was responsible in feeding his addiction with clear knowledge that he was harming himself). Michael is someone who shared in your family's pain; opened his home to you and included you in his very own family. Today I play his music in my vehicle and on my ipod. Cops on the corner always ignore Somebody's getting paid Jimmy's got it wired, law's for hire Got it made in the shade Got a little hideaway, does business all day But at night he'll always be found Sellin' sugar to the sweet People on the street Call this Jimmy's town He's the one they call Dr. alot of people could sing that song in Hollywood, I guess! lol @ Mourning, I know he was using wig but that doesn't mean he was completely bald... Michael always wore those straight wigs (I assumed they were wigs) in public but on the trailer you can see his natural (or mostly natural) hair, with his little pony tail. **mj** September 25th, 2009 pm ET SO THAT WINGS MAY FLUTTER ON TO BLUE A DROP WILL SHUTTER FOR TO ALL THAT MUST COMMIT THIS IS IT! I would love to honor him for his effort and dedication. "I'm very sad that he threw away his life, because he did throw away his life." The rabbi, who is perhaps best known for his bestselling book Kosher Sex, described Jackson's legacy as "very mixed." "He did good in his life, and he made people happy – and [for] some of whom he was very special – but he may indeed have been guilty of very serious crimes, which no one could excuse, and if he was guilty of those crimes, he deserves to be condemned," Boteach said, referring to child molestation allegations against the pop star. most people that i've met in this world aren't truly reflective. Mary RM September 25th, 2009 pm ET Lori – great – I’m on a cancer walk on Sunday morning. call the media – someone is going to trash a room….. I wonder how his family and friends feel after listening to it.

Tina, shalom πŸ™‚ No, it is not the custom in judaism to disclose private conversations. It's a new day, I'm not afraid anymore This is it! I speak against depression and fear, every attack from the enemy This is it! It's a new day, I'm not afraid anymore This is it! I'm smarter, see I've been here before This is it! Your entire family praised Michael privately to everyone who would listen, yet turned against him so viciously in public. (however, I'm sure if you look hard enough there is always some fool with his hand wide open). Did you guys see the video of Michael at This Is It rehearsal..was watching the dancers and chewing gum? I'm not going to read any commentary on the movie until after I see it. Do you think we can safely assume that "shutter" was actually supposed to be "shatter" ? On another note..someone tell me the story behind Michael's "Little Susie" fromt he HIStory album? love is all well and good, but it cannot not heal mental scarring by itself any more than it can heal a broken bone.

Boteach says Michael wanted it to become a book, but when they fell out of touch, the rabbi shelved the tapes for reasons he gives on his website. Its gonna be so sad,but we have to woch,he was practis so much,so peaples see hem at 50 how grait he is. Yes, I believe, if you believe, help me say This is it! It's a new day, I'm not afraid anymore This is it! When I learned he died Stu, a piece of me went with him. I have remained silent for many years, but I can no longer do so. That is another reason the investigation is taking so long- multiple criminals involved! But hey, if you have any pull over there at the internet free press, can you give up an update on the MJ investigation? LKL is on now and I am watching Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being interviewed. I noticed earlier too that **mj** was making grammatical errors too – e.g. He is simply USING Michael to get his message for his books across. Mari U, I agree with you..If I find that a mess it's because I know very well people will take all these little quotations and transformed it to make it worst... You have to get the professionals to the people who need it and then the love comes in and forms the support base of that therapy. my cineplex website has nothing and the guest services told me they have no information.

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LONDON (Reuters) – A new Michael Jackson single called "This Is It" will hit the airwaves on October 12, two weeks before it is available as part of a two-disc album released by the late pop star's record label. He invented the moonwalk and danced it on stage, And then all his fans went out in a rage. Let's help Michael change the world, And save the love children like he did. I especially like how compassionate Rabbi Shmuley is (not) – his friend has been arrested and accused of a heinous crime and all he can do is criticize him for going on meds.....the man you want around when you're down... Allure, yes, I'm still in here...the blog is really loaded now and it takes sooo long for the computer to refresh.

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