Teen dating violence in indiana curriculum

Money Smart has reached over 2.75 million consumers since 2001.Research shows that the curriculum can positively influence how consumers manage their finances, and these changes are sustainable in the months after the training.– Highly engaging and interactive, Safe Dates helps teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative, or abusive dating relationships.Designated as a Model Program by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.The neighborhood events are also used to promote our community events.

FINANCIAL LITERACY (MONEY SMART AND CAPTAIN CASH) Financial Literacy (Money Smart) is a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to help low- and moderate-income individuals outside the financial mainstream enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships.

JOB SKILLS TRAINING Young men are brought into an environment where on the job training is provided in a specific skill set (plumbing, electrical, CDL license, etc..

They are given an opportunity to not only learn about a specific skill but paid to do so.

In addition, to learning how to write and record music the participants learn about contract creation, publishing, distribution and much more.

STRENGTHENING FAMILIES PROGRAM (SFP) Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a nationally and internationally recognized parenting and family strengthening program for high-risk and regular families.– SFP is an evidence-based family skills training program found to significantly reduce problem behaviors, delinquency, and alcohol and drug abuse in children and to improve social competencies and school performance.

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