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Of course, let us not forget the spin-off genre called “reality porn”, which is actually professionally made porn that kind of "emulates" amateur porn.While it’s not really amateur (like I know that girl and other sites), you can still find them here, with some pretty hot videos that can be funny, sexy or just purely fantastic.In short, amateur porn is just not professional porn: No expensive recording equipment, (almost) no script, no pornstars and no big team behind the scenes.

While some are free, others are well worth paying for!Afterward, you are free to share your own content or just get pictures and videos directly from the guys who record them.If you are interested in sex tapes of famous people only: If you want to check out those sex tapes visit our Celebrities Category.There are communities out there who enjoy nothing else than sharing their own videos and pictures with other amateur porn enthusiasts.Such sites connect people just like on facebook - only for the purpose to share their sex life.

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;) We dove love porn and there is nothing better than seeing a hot girl getting fucked by her bf or say: when she really loves it. If the girl to get exposed, then we don't do that to her for some bucks.

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